An Unsecured Line of Credit May Be Right for Your Business

If you have good credit, you may be eligible for one of our unsecured business lines of credit. These revolving credit accounts let you take out money to pay for everything from inventory to payroll. You don’t need collateral and you can qualify even if you just started your business. Read on to learn how a line of credit from Mahler Commercial Lending Group could help you.

New Businesses

We offer unsecured business lines of credit even to startup companies. The decision is based primarily on the owner or partner’s credit score. You don’t need any revenue to qualify. Many businesses get $25,000 or more in a line of credit.

Established Organizations

If you have an established business and consistent revenue, you can qualify for even more credit. These are some of the benefits of opening an account with Mahler Commercial Lending Group:

  • There is no need for collateral as long as you have good financials and credit.
  • We only offer good rates. You will either get a top rate or not qualify.
  • We offer special introductory rates to qualifying applicants.

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